About Objective Dx

Objective Dx launched in 2011. 

We recognized that with the changes in healthcare, there was a need for quality healthcare to be more accessible and financially available to all payer sources. Objective Dx invites the best, like-minded and conscientious doctors to offer these services as part of a nationwide network.

Further, in the world of Workers' Compensation, we provide unmatched customer service in an industry where bigger doesn't always mean better. We are quality and customer oriented, saving more money than the direct cost savings, as we save time for everyone involved.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to establish a network of physicians, aligned by quality and cost conscientiousness. We are committed to facilitating consistent, quality patient care with predictable costs. We respect patient care above all else, while recognizing the ever increasing cost of medical services and the declining economic resources.

Our Vision is to become a national network providing services to, and through, workers’ compensation insurers, TPA’s, and other health insurance (non-government) plans; recognized as an innovator and the national leader in the provision of cost effective diagnostic testing, procedures and healthcare services to the workers compensation, group health care systems, and public sector.

Corporate Philanthropy

With the resources available through the ODx concept, the opportunity and responsibility to give back will be taken to a greater extent through both philanthropy and research.

Locally, we encourage all network participants to reach out to those less fortunate in their areas through groups like Indiana’s Genneserat group, offering free health clinics to the homeless.

For the greater good of all, we feel our resources and knowledge to be underutilized if not in conjunction with research to study further avenues to help patients.

Coverage Area


Objective Diagnostics Advisory Board Meeting
January 14, 2013 - Indianapolis, IN