We use simple and efficient referral methods – no usernames or passwords required. Simply give our customer service representatives a call, or complete the online referral form. We’ll take it from there! We will contact the appropriate parties for authorization, contact the patient with scheduling information, and provide the paperwork to the testing facility. We call the patient to remind them of their appointment 24 hours before the scheduled exam. The referral source will have the study within 48 hours.* Cost Savings? Just when you think you have maximized your cost containment options, we are here to tell you that indeed you have not. To give you a glimpse into our committed pricing model, we’ll share an example. In the state of Indiana, WC pays on the Usual, Customary and Reasonable structure. This means that every bill reviewer comes up with their own UCR rates. So let’s say in a particular zip code that UCR is estimated to be $1099 for a simple single extremity EMG. Another cost containment company charges the insurance company $1068. This goes through a bill review process, and the check is cut for $1001.50. Our 2011 rate for this same exam is $650. Check your last EMG cost and call us to take the ODx challenge. Because of our pricing model, we cannot accept MediCare patients.*This time frame is for diagnostic studies only. IME’s, PPI, Record Reviews and Disability evaluations require more turn-around time.


We credential each network provider to our proprietary and extensive credentialing and review process. Ongoing, our network of providers engage in continuous and constant peer reviews of reports. This creates accountability and adherence to our strict standards of reporting.