Objective Diagnostics first and foremost requirement of our network providers is to put the patient needs first.

Today’s economy and changes in healthcare has provided an opportunity to provide a fiscally responsible price tag on volume oriented services. Objective Dx is a network of elite, expert physicians offering diagnostic services, creating a network of physicians available to individuals, group health insureds and Workers’ Compensation insureds. Essentially, we make expert care affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our network is unprecedented in quality and customer service. By participating as a network physician with Objective Dx, your practice will be part of an elite national group of the best of the best. Maintaining quality is of utmost importance, as we drive volume to your offices for a no hassle test or evaluation.

Invitation Only Network

We invite our network of physicians and thereby control the caliber of network participation and quality of work.

The quality standards are second to none. Contracted physicians are subject to proprietary credentialing standards, and constant review of reports by peers. All network physicians are required to participate in this quality control process. This allows us to maintain the utmost quality and adherence to our testing and reporting standards.